Head of Russian House Program Says Venus Is a “Russian Planet”




Russian area company chief Dmitry Rogozin referred to as Venus a “Russian planet” on Tuesday at an trade exhibition happening in Moscow.

The bizarre remark adopted the current high-profile discovery of great sources of phosphine fuel within the planet’s ambiance, a possible sign of life.

“Our nation was the primary and just one to efficiently land on Venus,” Rogozin mentioned, as quoted by The Moscow Times, referring to the nation’s profitable explorations of Venus within the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Roscosmos piled on, writing that the “monumental hole between the Soviet Union and its opponents within the investigation of Venus contributed to the truth that the US referred to as Venus a Soviet planet,” in a press release quoted by Euronews.

Due Credit score

The Soviet Union launched a variety of Venera spacecraft to the hostile planet, which accomplished a variety of firsts together with the primary orbit and crash-landing. Venera 7 ultimately grew to become the primary lander to make a profitable touchdown on Venus, in 1970, sending information again to Earth for 23 minutes earlier than it succumbed to the planet’s hellish circumstances.

NASA, in distinction, has by no means centered on Venetian exploration — although it did ship an orbiter and a probe to the planet in 1978.

Planet Russia

Roscosmos has introduced plans to launch an unbiased expedition to Venus. Such a mission would observe an already deliberate collaborative mission with the US referred to as Venera-D.

However Rogozin pushed again in opposition to the current findings that counsel that life may exist within the planet’s ambiance.

“The [Russian] spacecraft gathered details about the planet — it’s like hell over there,” Rogozin mentioned.

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