The Air Drive Is Getting a Laser That Detonates Landmines From Afar



The U.S. Air Drive is engaged on new lasers designed to detonate landmines, bombs, and different hazards from almost 1,00 ft away.

The Restoration of Airbase Denied by Ordnance (RADBO) system does precisely what the title implies, C4ISRNET reports: If an airfield is blocked by mines and even simply particles, the Air Drive desires a method to clear it out with out placing folks in danger.

Coming Quickly

The Air Drive awarded a $40 million contract to the army contractor Parsons to truly develop the laser, C4ISRNET experiences. Whereas the laser itself might be connected to a floor automobile, it’s going to primarily be used to clear hazards out of present and future airfields for the Air Drive to then use.

The connected ZEUS laser will be capable of fireplace “greater than 300 meters away from the automobile and is highly effective sufficient to detonate small submunitions from cluster bombs, land mines, basic purposed bombs and thick-cased artillery rounds,” based on Parsons.

Laser Struggle

As C4ISRNET notes, the bomb-clearing system isn’t precisely heralding in a brand new period of laser warfare, just like the high-energy weapons that the Pentagon has been growing in recent years.

Nonetheless, it does present that lasers have gotten increasingly commonplace and helpful in a army setting, even when they’re not getting used straight as a weapon.

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