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Self breast examination merely means checking your breasts for modifications comparable to lumps, ulcers, discoloration, and nipple discharge. It entails taking a look at your breasts for seen abnormalities and touching your breasts to really feel for modifications that will not be apparent to the eyes. Breast most cancers has a greater prognosis when detected early and the entire concept of self breast examination is to detect these modifications early earlier than they get out of hand. You will need to know that the presence of a breast lump doesn’t essentially imply you may have breast most cancers. Most breast lumps are non-cancerous so don’t panic for those who uncover a lump.

Self breast examination must be completed a minimum of as soon as in a month from the age of 20. The conventional breast tissue has some lumps besides in post-menopausal ladies by which the breast consists of extra fatty tissue. It’s best to study your breasts commonly so you realize what they usually really feel like. This fashion will probably be simple so that you can detect any abnormality. It’s regular in your breasts to really feel lumpy and tender throughout your menstrual interval. That is on account of the hormonal affect in your breast and can seemingly regress after your interval. 

How To Carry out Self Breast Examination

  • Expose your physique out of your waist upwards and lie down along with your head on a pillow.
  • When inspecting your left breast, place your left hand in the back of your head whereas feeling along with your proper hand so your breast tissue can unfold out over your chest wall. While you go on to the appropriate breast, place your proper hand behind your head as a substitute. It will make it simpler so that you can really feel your breast tissue.
  • With two imaginary traces, divide your breast into 4 quadrants along with your nipple on the centre.
  • Start to really feel your breast, transferring quadrant by quadrant. Don’t poke your breast with the guidelines of your fingers however really feel with the pads of your three center fingers.
  • Use the pads of your fingers to press your nipple down gently to test for any lump beneath your nipple.
  • Repeat the steps when inspecting the opposite breast.

The draw back of self breast examination is that you could be start to really feel anxious even when there may be nothing to fret about.

What do you do for those who uncover a lump? 

If you happen to discover any lump in your breast that was not current the final time you checked or a lump that’s larger, more durable, and feels totally different from the opposite breast, it’s best to see a physician for additional investigations. Most breast lumps are non-cancerous however then you definitely can not inform simply by feeling it. It will be significant that you simply see a physician to verify that it’s a benign lump so you’ll be able to sleep higher at night time and never fear about getting most cancers.


Early detection of breast lumps is vital in stopping breast most cancers and its issues. Common self-breast examination will go a great distance in serving to you obtain this.

It will be significant that you realize what your breasts usually really feel like so you’ll be able to simply detect if there’s a change.

When you discover any change, go see a physician so you’ll be able to keep away from pointless anxiousness or begin therapy early if it seems to be a malignant lump.


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