Please Cease Laughing at My Analysis About Inserting Earthworms on Loudspeakers



Wormin’ Round

A physicist from the Swinburne College of Know-how has an essential message: His analysis on vibrating earthworms is not a joke.

Ivan Maksymov’s experiment with coauthor Andrey Pototsky, which was revealed within the journal Scientific Reviews in Might, exhibits that when sedated and positioned on a loudspeaker, the floor of an earthworm will vibrate. For his or her hassle, they have been awarded an Ig Nobel, an award that pokes enjoyable at weird scientific research. However now, Maksymov is talking out in a new The Conversation essay during which he argues that his work might be the important thing to seamless brain-computer interfaces.

Bass Enhance

The examine is predicated on the existing hypothesis that nerve impulses given off by our mind cells journey not solely as electrochemical indicators however as inaudible sound waves.

The scientists, Maksymov wrote in the Dialog, weren’t simply bass-boosting worms to observe them bounce, however quite have been measuring how sound generates Faraday waves on a worm’s physique — the identical type of wave because the ripples on a drop of water — and the way the human nervous system may do the identical.

Linking Up

That is the place the vibrating worm examine will get a bit of bit extra speculative. If neural indicators propagate with inaudible soundwaves and if a tool can generate Faraday waves of that actual frequency within the mind, it may present a seamless, noninvasive manner of hooking our brains up to computers.

“We consider our outcomes, pending additional detailed analysis, might assist create a safer, sound-based hyperlink between the human mind and computer systems — one which works with out unsafe needle electrodes,” Maksymov wrote.

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