A Stolen Chunk of Earth’s Moon Appears to Be Orbiting Mars


Moon Heist

In accordance with a brand new examine, a piece of the Earth’s Moon could also be orbiting Mars.

There’s an asteroid in an eccentric orbit of Mars known as (101429) 1998 VF31, which scientists on the Armagh Observatory and Planetarium (AOP) in Northern Eire have now decided to have a strikingly related spectrograph studying to the Moon, according to a press release. After being blasted away by some type of historical collision in orbit, they believe 101429 bought trapped by Mars’ gravitational pull as an alternative.

Ancestry Report

The AOP team’s research, revealed within the journal Icarus, discovered that the chemical signatures of the asteroid 101429 are extraordinarily just like our Moon, suggesting that it was dislodged in the course of the photo voltaic system’s prehistory.

“The spectrum of this explicit asteroid appears to be nearly a dead-ringer for components of the Moon the place there’s uncovered bedrock comparable to crater interiors and mountains,” AOP researcher Galin Borizov mentioned in the discharge.

Lacking File

The examine doesn’t rule out the chance that the asteroid is actually a fragment of Martian rock or an asteroid that simply occurs to be very similar to the Moon, however the similarity to our moon is tough to disregard. And our photo voltaic system’s turbulent previous makes it attainable that our Moon fragmented after getting slammed in a collision.

“The early Photo voltaic System was very completely different from the place we see right now,” AOP astronomer Apostolos Christou mentioned within the launch. “The house between the newly-formed planets was filled with particles and collisions have been commonplace. Massive asteroids have been continually hitting the Moon and the opposite planets.”

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