Triassic interval ended with ‘misplaced’ mass extinction and a million-year rain storm, examine claims


Way back, earlier than the daybreak of the age of dinosaurs, a heavy rain descended upon the supercontinent of Pangaea — and it stored raining for greater than 1 million years.

This epic wet spell — recognized now because the Carnian Pluvial Episode (CPE) — occurred roughly 233 million years in the past and was a stark shift from the sometimes arid situations of the late Triassic interval. However stormy skies weren’t the one change Earth was going through. In accordance with a examine printed Sept. 16 within the journal Science Advances, new fossil proof means that the CPE was in truth a serious extinction occasion — pushed by volcanic eruptions and local weather change — that resulted within the deaths of one-third of all marine species, plus a big variety of terrestrial crops and animals.


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