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Bread is likely one of the most typical staple meals that’s broadly consumed in Nigeria. It may be simply discovered virtually wherever within the nation.

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Bread is generally constructed from wheat flour and can be utilized to make a number of meals.

Bread doesn’t need to be boring or lame by attempting out these bread recipes which might be scrumptious and wholesome.

1.Coconut Bread

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Coconut Bread is a brand new recipe that’s divine- sure! That’s like the very best adjective that qualifies it and we predict you need to strive it. Opposite to what you suppose, it’s value efficient and a good way to step up your delicacies.

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2.Sardine Bread

Nigerian Bread Recipes |Videotutorial |FabWoman Sardine BREAD 300x298

For these of you who love fish sandwiches, bread and sardine with all its juices, then you definitely would love this bread.

Sardine bread offers you a two in a single really feel, it’s a bread however with sardine in it! Now You may get all the texture in a single.

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3.Banana Bread

Nigerian Bread Recipes |Videotutorial |FabWoman Banana Bread 300x200

Banana bread is one meals that may assist consuming bread extra fascinating. The wonder in Banana bread can’t be described  besides you strive it out for your self.

Banana bread tastes heavenly and it isn’t as tough to make  as some individuals suppose. That is the only recipe you will see on Banana bread.

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4.Bread Pudding

Nigerian Bread Recipes |Videotutorial |FabWoman Bread pudding 300x200

Bread Pudding is one other scrumptious means of consuming bread in one other type. When you’ve got leftover bread at dwelling, that is the right snack to make with it.

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5.Braided Egg Bread

Nigerian Bread Recipes |Videotutorial |FabWoman BRAIDED EGG BREAD 300x300

This sounds new to many individuals nevertheless it’s one scrumptious meal that’s diificult overlook. When you’ve got by no means tried this recipe, now could be the fitting time to get busy.

This recipe is ideal for household, single girls and what have you ever. Lunch, dinner, breakfast? You might be good to go.

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6.Plantain Bread

Nigerian Bread Recipes |Videotutorial |FabWoman plantain bread 300x300

That is one other scrumptious recipe you shoukld check out this season. There’s extra to bread than simply the common meal you may make at dwelling.

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