All the pieces To Know About The Causes, Varieties, Analysis And Therapy Of Down Syndrome



All the pieces To Know About The Causes, Varieties, Analysis And Therapy Of Down Syndrome down syndromeIt’s a genetic situation that happens when there’s an additional copy of a selected chromosome: chromosome 21.

Most infants are born with 46 chromosomes in each cell, 23 from the mom and 23 from the daddy. Infants with Down syndrome have an additional copy of chromosome 21, which causes distinct bodily, mental, and developmental signs.

Individuals who have Down syndrome often have cognitive growth profiles that counsel delicate to average mental incapacity. Nevertheless, cognitive growth and mental capacity are extremely variable.

Additionally they have an elevated threat for sure medical circumstances similar to congenital coronary heart defects, weight problems, respiratory and listening to issues, Alzheimer’s illness, gastrointestinal issues, childhood leukemia, and thyroid circumstances.

Because the World marks, Down Syndrome Day right here is every part it is best to know concerning the causes, varieties, analysis and remedy of the situation.

Causes and Threat elements


Though its actual trigger can also be unknown, Ladies from 35 and above have the next likelihood of getting a baby with Down syndrome.

In the event you’ve already had a baby with Down syndrome, you’re extra prone to have one other one who has it as effectively.

Household Historical past

It’s not frequent, however it’s doable to cross Down syndrome from mother or father to baby. Typically, a mother or father has what consultants name “translocated” genes. Meaning a few of their genes aren’t of their regular place, maybe on a distinct chromosome from the place they’d often be discovered.

The mother or father doesn’t have Down syndrome as a result of they’ve the best variety of genes, however their baby could have what’s known as “translocation Down syndrome.”


  • Trisomy 21. That is by far the commonest kind, the place each cell within the physique has three copies of chromosome 21 as an alternative of two.
  • Translocation Down syndrome. This accounts for less than 3% to 4% of all circumstances. On this kind, every cell has a part of an additional chromosome 21 or a completely additional one nevertheless it’s hooked up to a different chromosome as an alternative of being by itself.
  • Mosaic Down syndrome. That is the rarest kind, the place just some cells have an additional chromosome 21.


Down Syndrome will be recognized earlier than start as girls with the next likelihood of getting a baby with Down syndrome would possibly obtain screening and diagnostic assessments.

Ladies aged 30–35 years or above would possibly obtain genetic screening throughout being pregnant. It is because the possibility of getting a baby with Down syndrome will increase as girls age.

Screening assessments embody:

  • Nuchal translucency testing: At 11–14 weeks, an ultrasound can measure the clear house in folds of tissue behind the neck of a growing fetus.
  • Triple display screen or quadruple display screen: At 15–18 weeks, this measures the portions of assorted substances within the mom’s blood.
  • Built-in display screen: This combines outcomes from first-trimester blood and screening assessments, with or with out nuchal translucency, with second-trimester quadruple screening outcomes.
  • Cell-free DNA: It is a blood take a look at that analyzes fetal DNA current within the mom’s blood.
  • Genetic ultrasound: At 18–20 weeks, medical doctors mix an in depth ultrasound with blood take a look at outcomes.

Screening is a cheap and fewer invasive approach to decide whether or not extra invasive diagnostic assessments are wanted.

Nevertheless, not like diagnostic assessments, they can’t verify whether or not Down syndrome is current.

Diagnostic assessments

Diagnostic assessments are extra correct for detecting Down syndrome. A healthcare skilled will often carry out such assessments contained in the uterus.

Nevertheless, they enhance the danger of miscarriage, fetal harm, and preterm labor.

Diagnostic assessments embody:

  • Chorionic villus sampling: At 8–12 weeks, a health care provider would possibly acquire a tiny pattern of placenta for evaluation, utilizing a needle inserted into the cervix or the stomach.
  • Amniocentesis: At 15–20 weeks, they might acquire a small quantity of amniotic fluid for evaluation, utilizing a needle inserted into the stomach.
  • Percutaneous umbilical blood sampling: After 20 weeks, the physician could take a small pattern of blood from the umbilical twine for evaluation, utilizing a needle inserted into the stomach.

A healthcare skilled can even diagnose Down syndrome after a child is born by inspecting their bodily traits, blood, and tissue.


Down syndrome is a lifelong situation that may’t be handled. However your baby can stay a satisfying life with correct help, whether or not it’s within the type of specialty medical doctors, early intervention providers, occupational remedy, speech remedy, bodily remedy, or particular wants courses.

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