25 Symbolic Japanese Tattoo Concepts (2021)


Japanese Tattoos 1  25 Symbolic Japanese Tattoo Concepts (2021) Japanese Tattoos 1


Japanese tattoos are expressive and daring, which is why they’ve turn out to be a mode that’s cherished across the globe. The colourful colours and the fascinating shading makes these inkings eye-catching and thrilling. The imagery used is commonly a solution to honor folklore or custom, and customary designs embrace legendary beings, akin to dragons and phoenixes, nature, animals, and the supernatural. As putting as this system is, it’s additionally shrouded in controversy. The Yakuza gang is synonymous with physique artwork, inking their total our bodies to indicate their dedication and energy. For that reason, tattoos carry a stigma in Japan. Discover out every part it’s worthwhile to find out about this spectacular method!


What are Japanese Conventional Tattoos?

Japanese conventional tattoos are additionally known as Irezumi. It’s a tattooing method that’s historical and wealthy in symbolism. The physique artwork normally entails a number of totally different themes, which can be impressed by folklore or custom, with widespread imagery together with koi fish, dragons, geishas, and flowers. The type is distinct, identifiable by the colourful colours and fascinating, significant subject material. These inkings have turn out to be in style around the globe, with many individuals feeling impressed. Nonetheless, it’s important to know that some pictures may be deemed offensive, akin to inking non secular designs or ones that others interpret as having a darkish historical past.


Japanese Traditional Tattoos  25 Symbolic Japanese Tattoo Concepts (2021) Japanese traditional tattoos 1


What’s a Yakuza Tattoo?

Japanese tattoos are stunning, vivid, and expressive, however they’ve a foul repute due to their affiliation with the Yakuza. The felony gang is thought for masking their our bodies in ink, which is a solution to mark the members for all times and present their loyalty and skill to endure ache. At one level, tattoos in Japan have been unlawful, which was another excuse the gang adopted them. That stated, within the twenty first century, some Yakuza don’t ink their total our bodies as it’s simpler to mix in with the remainder of society.


Yakuza Tattoo  25 Symbolic Japanese Tattoo Concepts (2021) Yakuza Tattoo


Colours Utilized in Japanese Tattoos

The subject material in Japanese tattoos is extremely essential, however so is the colour. Though a number of black-and-gray combos are detailed and significant, the method can be identifiable by its brightness. There are numerous coloration schemes to select from, relying in your subject material, and every carries totally different symbolism. For instance, a black koi fish is related to masculinity, adversity, and perseverance, whereas a inexperienced dragon is related to nature.



Crimson is without doubt one of the most vibrant colours utilized in tattoos as a result of it immediately makes an announcement. Within the Japanese method, it represents many issues, together with energy, ardour, and blood. Shrines and temples could also be painted in crimson, and the colour is integrated into important occasions and even the nationwide flag. It’s also believed to chase away evil spirits and may be symbolic of peace and financial success.


Red Japanese Tattoo  25 Symbolic Japanese Tattoo Concepts (2021) red japanese tattoo 1



Blue is a well-liked coloration for Japanese clothes and is commonly worn within the office, with recruitment fits being offered in varied shades. It may be related to arduous work, constancy, and acceptance. As you’ll be able to see, it additionally makes for a fantastic tattoo.


Blue Japanese Tattoo  25 Symbolic Japanese Tattoo Concepts (2021) blue japanese tattoo 1



Black is a well-liked coloration for tattoos, and you will notice many black and grey designs that are each putting and detailed. Lettering is normally accomplished in black ink, and it’s related to thriller or mourning. It’s an intense shade, typically seen as masculine, and it has a wealthy historical past in tattooing; relying in your chosen design, it may well have much more which means hooked up to it. For instance, a black dragon is symbolic of knowledge, and a cat of the identical coloration can chase away evil.


Black Japanese Tattoo   25 Symbolic Japanese Tattoo Concepts (2021) black japanese tattoo 1



White is a well-liked and sacred coloration in Japan. It may symbolize mourning and demise, in addition to purity, peace, and honesty. For some, it’s related to new beginnings and is linked to the religious world. For tattoos, it creates an thrilling distinction when inked with black or grey and is a superb method so as to add extra particulars.


White Japanese Tattoo  25 Symbolic Japanese Tattoo Concepts (2021) white japanese tattoo 1



Purple is a shocking coloration for physique artwork as a result of it’s so vivid, however it’s also significant in Japan. Within the nation, this shade is related to royalty and energy. Previously, it was probably the most costly colours to supply and subsequently was reserved for many who have been in a position to pay for it.


Purple Japanese Tattoo  25 Symbolic Japanese Tattoo Concepts (2021) purple japanese tattoo 1



Pink is a female coloration related to feminine energy, magnificence, and good well being. It’s also generally utilized in Japanese physique artwork, particularly with cherry blossoms. It is a wonderful method so as to add some brightness to your tattoo, however it additionally has a softness to it.


Pink Japanese Tattoo  25 Symbolic Japanese Tattoo Concepts (2021) pink japanese tattoo 1



Inexperienced is a coloration that represents nature and life. In Japan, it’s also related to power and vitality. The vivid coloration makes for unbelievable physique artwork, including further which means to your chosen design.


Green Japanese Tattoo  25 Symbolic Japanese Tattoo Concepts (2021) green japanese tattoo 1



There are few colours as putting as yellow, the colour of heat, pleasure, and prosperity. It’s symbolic of the sunshine and is a shade that may deliver a smile to your face. In some areas of Japan, it’s thought of a sacred coloration, whereas in others, it has a unfavorable affiliation.  It compliments a variety of physique artwork, from flowers to dragons, and is certain to show heads. Then again, gold is linked to energy and the Gods and adorns shrines and temples.


Yellow Japanese Tattoo   25 Symbolic Japanese Tattoo Concepts (2021) yellow japanese tattoo 1


Japanese Tattoo Designs

1. Cat Tattoo

Cats are sometimes related to wealth and good luck and subsequently make for excellent tattoos. There are numerous methods to design your ink, and whereas some folks go for the extra conventional method, others could pick issues that they recognize concerning the Japanese tradition. This may very well be something from the meals and gown to the tattoo type. It’s important to not be offensive together with your design, and it’s all the time finest to keep away from sacred and non secular imagery.


Japanese Cat Tattoo  25 Symbolic Japanese Tattoo Concepts (2021) japanese cat tattoo 1


2. Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Cherry blossoms are probably the most stunning flowers, and their fairly pink coloration makes them a welcome addition to any panorama. That stated, they don’t stay for very lengthy, which makes the bloom symbolic of life and its impermanence. The flower can be related to energy and perseverance and is a typical picture utilized in Irezumi due to its magnificence and which means.
In Japan, the cherry blossom season is when the flowers bloom, and it’s a time that’s celebrated; subsequently, it may well even be related to pleasure.


Cherry Blossom Tattoo   25 Symbolic Japanese Tattoo Concepts (2021) Cherry Blossom Tattoo 1


3. Cloud Tattoo

If you would like a shocking, ornamental tattoo, it’s possible you’ll be drawn to the Japanese cloud design. The daring wisps are known as Kumo and may be inked on their very own or as fillers with different imagery. The clouds are an admiration of nature and a logo of essential concepts, masculinity, impermanence, and alter. They have a tendency to look finest when saved darkish and make a really daring assertion.


Japanese Cloud Tattoo   25 Symbolic Japanese Tattoo Concepts (2021) Japanese Cloud Tattoo 1


4. Crane Tattoo 

The crane holds nice significance in Japan and is seen as a logo of peace and hope. It’s also thought of an otherworldly creature and is deeply revered and admired, and has been the topic of fascinating legends. The hen can deliver luck and luck but in addition represents longevity and knowledge. The design is normally detailed and will embrace different imagery akin to a solar or flowers. It, subsequently, requires a placement possibility with sufficient area to permit for these particulars. The arm or thigh are nice spots, as you’ll be able to see them typically, however you even have extra room to create daring and colourful art work.


Japanese Crane Tattoo  25 Symbolic Japanese Tattoo Concepts (2021) Japanese Crane Tattoo1 1


5. Demon Tattoo 

A demon tattoo is probably not a design that appeals to everybody, however there’s a very fascinating which means hooked up to it. The preferred picture is Oni, a sort of ogre or demon depicted in Japanese folklore. Your ink can symbolize the steadiness between good and evil, and it may very well be a reminder that dangerous acts is not going to go unpunished. The wearer might also want to intimidate others with their physique artwork and provides off the impression that they aren’t to be messed with. These items are additionally exceptionally detailed and infrequently function different pictures, akin to cherry blossoms or a snake, making for an announcement inking.


Japanese Demon Tattoo  25 Symbolic Japanese Tattoo Concepts (2021) Japanese Demon Tattoo 1


6. Dragon Tattoo

Dragon tattoos are a number of the hottest designs as a result of they’re so fascinating and symbolic. The legendary creature has nice significance in Japanese tradition and represents bravery, energy, and knowledge. It is a stark comparability to what dragons symbolize within the West and are sometimes seen as evil or grasping. In terms of placement, the arm or leg are high spots to get it inked as a result of the creature’s form appears to be like as if it’s wrapping round your limbs; this makes for a very fascinating inking. There are additionally many colours to select from, every with their totally different which means. Black is related to knowledge, and inexperienced with nature, whereas yellow dragons are noble. You may decide which appeals most to you, however crimson and black are a really putting mixture.


Japanese Dragon Tattoo  25 Symbolic Japanese Tattoo Concepts (2021) Japanese Dragon Tattoo


7. Flower Tattoo

Flower tattoos are unbelievable selections for each women and men. You may select to get inked with only one or a number of blooms or allow them to type a part of an intricate design that features different pictures akin to a dragon, phoenix, or koi fish. A number of flowers are essential in Japanese tradition. These embrace the lotus, peony, and cherry blossom, every of which has its symbolism, however the vegetation, normally, are generally related to life and sweetness. The Japanese type makes use of vivid colours, making your ink arduous to overlook and a unbelievable possibility if you would like one thing that makes an announcement.


Japanese Flower Tattoo   25 Symbolic Japanese Tattoo Concepts (2021) Japanese Flower Tattoo 2


8. Foo Canine Tattoo 

If you would like a tattoo that represents safety and luck, you then want a foo canine. The legendary creature appears to be like much like a lion and is essential in Japan. It’s an architectural decoration designed to protect essential buildings and shrines. They symbolize prosperity, luck, and safety and are a unbelievable selection for a tattoo. This fascinating beast additionally conjures up folks within the Western world, and when you love the symbolism related to it, it would make an amazing selection to your subsequent inking.


Foo Dog Tattoo  25 Symbolic Japanese Tattoo Concepts (2021) Foo Dog Tattoo


9. Frog Tattoo

Japanese frog tattoos are usually not your common amphibian design! They’re vivid, multicolored, and infrequently look significantly fierce. Some art work might also embrace gold cash. They’re fascinating to have a look at and wealthy in symbolism. The selection is yours of the way you want to painting your frog or toad, and the imagery you embrace could alter your piece’s which means. That stated, normally, it’s considered a fortunate animal that brings prosperity, success, and luck.


Japanese Frog Tattoo  25 Symbolic Japanese Tattoo Concepts (2021) Japanese Frog Tattoo 2


10. Japanese Girls Tattoo 

Geishas have an essential historical past in Japan and are sometimes related to attractiveness, femininity, and style. A tattoo of a geisha, or a Japanese lady styled as one, is an inking for each women and men and represents perfection, respect, and intense magnificence. It’s also seen as a logo of Japanese tradition. Most of those items are massive and detailed, with the again being a well-liked placement possibility to permit for sufficient area. You too can add different conventional pictures, akin to a cherry blossom or a samurai, relying on the which means that appeals to you.


Japanese Women Tattoo   25 Symbolic Japanese Tattoo Concepts (2021) Japanese Women Tattoo 1


11. Koi Fish Tattoo

Would you like physique artwork that represents energy, accomplishment, success, willpower, good luck, and a lot extra? Then a koi fish tattoo is an ideal design to your subsequent inking. In Japanese physique artwork, this is without doubt one of the hottest pictures used due to the carp’s significance and symbolism. They will even have varied meanings relying on the colour. For instance, crimson represents love, energy, and motherhood, whereas black is related to adversity and a battle to succeed.


Traditional Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo   25 Symbolic Japanese Tattoo Concepts (2021) Traditional Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo 1 1


12. Letter Tattoo 

Typically folks need to get inked with a phrase or phrase, however they are not looking for others to grasp its which means simply. It is for that reason, overseas languages and symbols are sometimes favored. Kanji is gorgeous, and it makes for an fascinating and symbolic tattoo. There are some drawbacks to getting such a design, although. When you have not accomplished sufficient analysis and don’t perceive the language, it’s straightforward to get inked with one thing that has a wholly totally different which means to what you initially meant it to have. If you’re impressed by Japanese tradition, this may occasionally even be a solution to honor it.


Japanese Letter Tattoo   25 Symbolic Japanese Tattoo Concepts (2021) Japanese Letter Tattoo 1


13. Lion Tattoo

A lion tattoo represents braveness, royalty, and energy for many individuals, however they aren’t depicted in Japan as you’d see them on the African plains. As an alternative, they’ve pointed ears and a wispy mane, giving a considerably intimidating but in addition legendary look. They’re widespread statues to protect the doorway of essential locations and are designed to chase away evil and provide safety. Your physique artwork can have the identical which means. It’s a robust design, typically proven with its tooth bared, for many who need one thing fierce and highly effective to maintain them protected and remind them to remain on the proper path.


Japanese Lion Tattoo  25 Symbolic Japanese Tattoo Concepts (2021) Japanese Lion Tattoo


14. Lotus Tattoo 

A lotus tattoo is a well-liked selection as a result of it’s wealthy in symbolic worth. They’re valued in Japan, and you’ll typically see them being inked both on their very own or with a water theme. For instance, a bit that contains a koi fish. The bloom is commonly related to enlightenment and religious awakening. Nonetheless, it additionally represents purity and energy. The attractive flower grows in muddy waters, and many individuals are impressed by this, because it serves as a reminder that when life is tough, you’ll be able to nonetheless discover magnificence in it. Or it may be interpreted as a method by no means to surrender and proceed to persevere.


Japanese Lotus Tattoo   25 Symbolic Japanese Tattoo Concepts (2021) Japanese Lotus Tattoo 1


15. Masks Tattoo 

There are a number of Japanese masks, some worn for non secular occasions and others for theatrical functions and festivals. Your inspiration will decide your design. One in style selection for physique artwork is the Hannya masks. You might really feel it’s darkish or scary once you see it, however it’s a image of excellent luck and is used to chase away evil. There may be additionally a narrative of the way it represents a girl consumed by ardour and love, which is an interesting interpretation for many who have had their hearts damaged or their affection rejected.


Japanese Mask Tattoo   25 Symbolic Japanese Tattoo Concepts (2021) Japanese Mask Tattoo 1


16. Peony Tattoo 

In lots of Japanese tattoos, you might even see designs together with the peony. It’s a stunning flower and infrequently inked in varied vivid colours, making for a daring and significant piece. It symbolizes prosperity and luck however can be linked to life, perseverance, bravery, and honor. You may select to get inked with a sequence of those blooms or add varied different pictures, for instance, a geisha or a crane, which provides much more which means to your physique artwork.


Peony Tattoo   25 Symbolic Japanese Tattoo Concepts (2021) Peony Tattoo 1


17. Phoenix Tattoo 

A phoenix tattoo is commonly related to delivery, demise, and rebirth. Known as Hou-ou, the Japanese phoenix is a legendary creature representing hearth, justice, and energy. It was additionally used to brighten properties, and it’s believed that those that lived there have been trustworthy and constant. It’s a stunning hen and wealthy in symbolism and is without doubt one of the hottest selections to get inked due to this.


Japanese Phoenix Tattoo   25 Symbolic Japanese Tattoo Concepts (2021) japanese phoenix tattoo 1


18. Cranium Tattoo 

A cranium is a universally acknowledged image of demise, and it might look like a morbid selection for a tattoo. That’s not essentially the case, although, as it may well additionally symbolize how fleeting our existence is, and subsequently, the significance of valuing our lives and dwelling nicely. The Japanese skull tattoo is symbolic of change. It may be accompanied by varied different pictures, with in style selections together with flowers, which may add to your ink’s total which means. Colour additionally performs a task, so select correctly.


Japanese Skull Tattoo   25 Symbolic Japanese Tattoo Concepts (2021) Japanese Skull Tattoo 1


19. Snake Tattoo 

One of the in style symbols you will notice within the Japanese method is the snake tattoo. It may be a logo of change, safety from ailments and diseases, and also can forestall unhealthy luck. This may increasingly appear shocking contemplating the serpent’s intimidating look, typically depicted coiled and seemingly able to strike. Nonetheless, the creature is just not considered evil and as an alternative brings the wearer good luck and energy.


Japanese Snake Tattoo  25 Symbolic Japanese Tattoo Concepts (2021) Japanese Snake Tattoo1 1


20. Solar Tattoo 

Japan’s rising solar, the daring crimson design, has been utilized in flags and is symbolic of divinity, braveness, and life. It’s a image that, for some, represents the nation. There are various totally different designs, and a few embrace warriors whereas others function waves or temples. It’s, nonetheless, a really controversial picture. As an essential observe, for some folks, this design may be extremely offensive. It was used because the flag of the army, and for the international locations that have been invaded throughout this time, it represents a really darkish a part of historical past.


Japanese Sun Tattoo   25 Symbolic Japanese Tattoo Concepts (2021) Japanese Sun Tattoo 1


21. Temple Tattoo 

Many Japanese temples are architectural masterpieces which have survived for hundreds of years. They’re a spot of religious awakening and development and point out a connection between this life and the following. It may very well be a solution to honor your religion, present respect for the tradition, or a reminder to remain on the proper path and do good in life. It’s not arduous to see why a picture of a temple can be such an interesting tattoo, however inking non secular imagery may be offensive to some folks. Therefore, it’s all the time finest to do your analysis beforehand.


Japanese Temple Tattoo   25 Symbolic Japanese Tattoo Concepts (2021) Japanese Temple Tattoo 1


22. Tiger Tattoo 

Tigers are fearsome and revered predators which might be typically considered protectors and symbols of energy and energy. In Japanese tattoos, they’re seen as a solution to maintain away unfavorable power, evil spirits, illness, and illness. These stunning massive cats are depicted as being ferocious and intimidating, making them the proper physique artwork for somebody who needs a significant inking that may instill worry in others. It’s best to finish the design in coloration, which makes for a formidable and putting piece. It additionally requires a big space of pores and skin to permit for the complete element and glory. For that reason, the again or thigh are nice choices.


Japanese Tíger Tattoo   25 Symbolic Japanese Tattoo Concepts (2021) Japanese Ti  ger Tattoo 1


23. Wave Tattoo 

Waves are a unbelievable picture to tattoo as a result of they symbolize energy and life. They’re additionally symbolic of change, as water is a recurrent sample of coming and going. This may be linked to life, as we expertise ups and downs, and we stay and die. Or, for some, it may very well be interpreted as a solution to waft and settle for the conditions you end up in. The wave image is proven as an arch and may be inked in black and gray or blue. It is also related to good luck and resilience.


Japanese Wave Tattoo  25 Symbolic Japanese Tattoo Concepts (2021) Japanese Wave Tattoo1 1


24. Wolf Tattoo 

Wolves may be inked to honor Japanese tradition or present respect for historical traditions or beliefs. The canines are related to Shinto gods and are believed to behave as messengers within the religious world. They’re seen as robust and highly effective and may be protectors. Many various wolf tattoo designs have advanced over the centuries, however you’ll most certainly see interpretations of this animal as having an intimidating look. The wolf’s fangs could also be bared, which makes for a mighty and fearsome tat. It may additionally act as a warning to others to not mess with the wearer.


Japanese Wolf Tattoo  25 Symbolic Japanese Tattoo Concepts (2021) Japanese Wolf Tattoo 1


25. Phrases Tattoo 

Phrases are so significant as a result of they are often of something. Perhaps it’s a phrase that conjures up you, a verse out of your favourite poem, or lyrics which have caught in your head. Whatever the cause, phrases make for a fantastic and symbolic tattoo. When you have deep respect for the Japanese language and discover the symbols stunning, this might make an fascinating and significant inking. You too can embrace imagery of different essential Japanese parts, such because the yin yang or cherry blossoms, to make for an intricate piece. After all, it’s worthwhile to do your analysis beforehand to make sure that your art work has the meant which means and is under no circumstances offensive.


Japanese Word Tattoo   25 Symbolic Japanese Tattoo Concepts (2021) Japanese Word Tattoo 1



Are tattoos unlawful in Japan?

Tattoos are usually not unlawful in Japan, however there was a time after they have been as the federal government seen people with them as being troublesome. Physique artwork can be related to the Yakuza. The felony gang is thought for masking their our bodies in ink to indicate their loyalty and mark themselves; thus, there’s a stigma hooked up to tattoos. Vacationers visiting Japan might also need to cowl up their tats as they may very well be seen as offensive.

Is it OK to get a yakuza tattoo?

It could not be smart to get a Yakuza tattoo in case you are not affiliated with the felony gang. Though tattoos are not unlawful in Japan, there may be nonetheless a stigma hooked up to them, particularly with the older generations. As of late, it’s also believed that the Yakuza themselves select to keep away from seen inking because it permits them to higher mix in with the remainder of society.

What are conventional Japanese tattoos referred to as?

Conventional Japanese tattoos are referred to as Irezumi. It’s an historical artwork type and an extremely expressive one. As of late, the type has turn out to be in style across the globe. It typically options vibrant colours and particular themes, together with supernatural pictures, legendary beings, nature, and animals. Every design is wealthy in symbolism.

Why are tattoos unhealthy in Japan?

Regardless of tattoos not being banned outright in Japan, they do carry a stigma. It’s because physique artwork is commonly related to the felony gang, Yakuza. The youthful technology could also be turning into extra accepting of ink, however it’s nonetheless offensive to some. It’s also extremely uncommon to see uncovered tattoos within the nation. You may additionally discover indicators that say ‘no tattoos allowed’ at sure institutions.


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