US and China trade officials hold ‘candid’ first talks of Biden Era.


The Office of the United States Trade Representative said that Ms Tai and Mr Liu “mentioned the guiding standards of the Biden-Harris Administration’s worker-centered trade policy and her ongoing review of the U.S.-China trade relationship, while also raising issues of concern.”

Both aspects said they had agreed to maintain their negotiations.

The Chinese Commerce Ministry said in a declaration that both sides held “candid, pragmatic and constructive exchanges with an mindset of equality and mutual respect”, in line with a report by state media outlet the Global Times.

It added that both sides saw “the improvement of bilateral trade [as] very important.”

Ahead of the talks Ms Tai told the Reuters news agency that the US still faced “very large challenges” in its trade relationship with China.

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A bitter trade war under former President Donald Trump saw tariffs placed on various goods traded between the US and China.

The world’s two largest economies signed a so-called “phase 1” agreement in January last year.

In that p.c. Beijing promised to increase its purchases of US products and services by at least $200bn (£142bn) over 2020 and 2021.

President Donald J. Trump signs a trade agreement with Chinese Vice Premier of the People’s Republic of China

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Liu He in the East Room at the White House on Wednesday, Jan 15, 2020 in Washington, DC.

Liu He signed a “phase 1” trade agreement with Donald Trump in 2020
Ms Tai has said she is now looking at whether or not the terms of the deal have been met by Beijing, as some experts have advised that China has fallen up to 40% short on its agreement to buy American goods.

So far, US President Joe Biden has not pulled back on the tough trade messaging to Beijing of his predecessor.

President Biden has insisted that current tariffs will be kept in place for now as he looks to enhance the US economy, which was hit hard early in the coronavirus pandemic but is now recovering.

Why does China’s economy matter to you?

Beijing has also maintained obligations on some imports from America.

China was the only major economy to see its global trade grow last year as it became the first big country to emerge from the pandemic.

Sales of Chinese-made goods have soared around the world, as demand from the US jumped and the Covid-19 crisis in India stalled much of its factory production.


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