RECIPE: How to make coated peanuts.



• Dry peanuts(groundnut)
• Sugar
• Flour
• Eggs
• A pinch of Nutmeg
• Fresh milk


• Pour the peanut into hot boiling water for about a minute
• Strain the peanut and allow to air dry
• Mix the flour, sugar and nutmeg
• Add the fresh egg and stir together
• Add the milk and stir them all together to form a buttery dough.
• Set some plane flour aside on the table to prevent dough from sticking to table.
• Pour some of the dough mixture on the table and knead flat, cut into small pieces. Put peanut inside and coat the peanut well with the dough. Wrap well by rolling well in between your palms.
• Sprinkle the flour onto the rolled peanut
• Shake the mixture to get a well coated peanut
• Strain off excess flour, ensure the peanuts are separated and not stuck together.
• Preheat the oil until ready.
• Pour the peanuts in the oil and fry for about 3- 5 minutes.
• Scoop from oil and strain off excess oil, allow to cool and keep in an air tight container.

How to make coated peanut


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