Young Teenagers raise thousands of dollars for their graduation trip but donate them to their community instead.


If you had to choose between seeing the world while traveling or staying at home and focusing your energies on making the world a better place, which would you choose?
For young souls in the immediate mainstream, the answer is clear.

Islesboro Island is located three miles from the mainland. The population is about 700 people. Although there were only 12 students bakers, this year the high school class was more crowded than usual, with 8 students from the island and 5 from the mainland. End of semester trip. Previous student destinations are Paris, Iceland, Norway and Panama.

The 2021 alumni raised nearly $ 8,000 in donations, while travel restrictions due to COVID-19 thwarted their hopes of traveling to Greece, Japan or South Korea. As their plans were limited, the group decided to use the money they earned closer to home and reinvest it in the community than to indulge in the luxury of international travel knowing that your neighbors are under intense stress every day.
“We could really see how the whole world and the island, too, was struggling,” he told the Associated Press, “So it felt really good to do that with our money—to give it back to the people who gave it to us.”

Most of the students’ income will be donated to the Island Community Foundation to help residents whose livelihoods have improved due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Another part has been well used to fund coronavirus vaccination clinics. (The rest are used for unknown charitable purposes.)

“These students have a strong sense of pride. This is because their solutions demonstrate awareness of the problems in the community and a willingness to do something about them, ”Fred Thomas, president of the public foundation, told AP.
The terrain has changed since COVID-19. Not literally, of course, but figuratively. We all live in a completely different place than before the pandemic. How we navigate this strange new world will shape the future, but if Islborough’s selfless elite universe gives us a clue in 2021, the future looks pretty good.


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