Saturdays & Relationships : 8 relationship red flags you shouldn’t ignore.


People tend to ignore red flags in a relationship when they are head over heels in love when It’s meant to get you thinking before you actually start a relationship.
Bless your friends,they are usually attracted by the warning signs first. It’s like admitting that 36-year-old Bumble Match, “living with his parents now,” may not be a Guardian.
But falling in love is a fun way to dazzle people to signal that there might be something outside the range of potential love interests, which should be obvious.

So whether you’re getting back into dating or happen to already be in a committed partnership, it’s time to stop avoiding evidence that doesn’t support your statement of living together. Because it’s important to tackle the big issues first if you want to have a long-term (or even healthy) relationship.

Note. This is not about firing an imperfect person. Instead, it is important to make sure that the connection is strong enough to fuel the relationship for a long term.

Amy Hartstein, LCSW Relationship Therapist, said: “But you should be on the alert for some of these red flags, because they’re unlikely to change without much self-awareness and commitment.”
So what are the red flags to look out for in a relationship? The connectivity experts share their findings below.

  1. There is no conflict resolution between you.

Arguing well is essential for a stable relationship. On the other hand, if you never argue or ignore your problem, that is also not good. The main thing is to deal with the problem cleanly and honestly and to ensure that the problem does not recur again.
As relationship expert Susan Winter says,“If your partner the has a disposition that demands they must win or must be right, you will find it hard to come to conflict resolution,” “These red flags will torment you throughout your relationship.”

2. Your partner is either too connected or too little connected with their family.

Of course, everyone has a different outlook on family, but you want to make sure that their family relationship is not the same as yours (yes, this is a little scary). “It’s not great to be dating someone who is joined at the hip with their parents and siblings,”Hartstein said. “This makes it difficult to establish a stable relationship with a new partner. But dating someone far from their family is not good. A healthy balance is good. “

3. Or they are trying to distance you from your family.

Big, big red flags “This might be okay at first, but later on they feel guilty about spending time with your family or excuse themselves for not doing it. So are they, ”says Susan Trombetti, professional matchmaker and relationship expert. “When you spend time with family or friends, they tell you that you are cheating.”

Similary, be wary if your friends and family don’t like your S.O. They might be seeing things you’re not, she says.

4. Critical and offensive language and attitudes are part of the relationship.

It seems obvious, but I have to say it. You deserve someone who doesn’t disappoint you and makes you feel needy. “If your partner speaks in a critical tone or looks down on you, this is a red flag that cannot be ignored,” says Winter. “This cruelty and selfishness will create a toxic environment for you and lead to unhealthy relationships.”

5. They are talking to others on social networks or not changing their dating profiles.

Of course, sometimes they forget to change their relationship status because they are so busy being in love. But this isn’t cool, so at least it’s worth talking about. “You may have to quickly get rid of this person because you cannot trust him,” Trombetti said. “Trust is very important in a relationship.

6. It is difficult for your partner to get along with colleagues and / or bosses.

As with all family problems, there is less time for a toxic coworker to disappoint you. Everyone is like, “TGIF, huh?” It’s very free.
Again, it’s a matter of habits. “If your partner is a model struggling to understand people at work, they are more likely to have a precarious career, which is not good when you’re trying to build a life together,” Hartstein says.

7. Being too Jealous and insecure.

The green-eyed monster is capable of doing its best anyway. However, over-possession of this can lead to toxic and sometimes dangerous dynamics. As a result, “we have to end this relationship because it is bad for our health,” says Trombetti. “This person has a problem that needs to be solved before starting a relationship.”

8. Your partner has an unwilling or unable attitude.

Check out the language here, because is very important. How many times have you said you can’t do it when you really “don’t want” to code. “If they don’t want to work with you, don’t want to hear from you and don’t want to rebuild the relationship, you are in a vicious circle of failure,” says Winter. … “Or, if they can’t work with you, you get the same result.”

Will you have to break up because of the red flags of your relationship?

In the end, it’s up to you to decide. Everyone has their own indicators, which they will accept or not accept. And because of the nuances of the situation – these signs may not necessarily mean a bad partner.

It is more important that someone is held accountable. “If your partner knows these things about them and is working on them, that’s a whole different story,” Hartstein says. “The better your partner is, the better the relationship will be.”


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