Angry crowd set on fire some suspected motorcycle hijackers in Lagos.


A group of angry residents caught three suspected motorbike thieves in the Ayobo area of ​​Lagos state on Monday night meting out jungle justice on them.

Three suspects, who are said to have stolen two new motorbikes in Olorunsola, Ayobo, Ipaya, Lagos, were burned after being hanged.

According to an eye witness who spoke on condition of anonymity, the suspects ran off after the alleged theft of the motorcycle.

“Several commercial motorcyclists chased the suspected thieves and chased them on Jalan Koloba, near Jalan Alaja, Ayobo, Ipaja, Lagos.

“Two were caught and immediately hanged to death while the others survived.

“He was later seen and caught on one of the roads in Aladzha and he joined the two others before they were set ablaze.

“The thieves also injured several people while trying to escape.

“The injured were taken to an unknown hospital for medical treatment,” the witness said.

Police officers were called to the scene.


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