Three women find out that the same man is cheating on them. They left him and went on an epic journey together.


Three unsuspecting women, dating same guy. And the epic journey of a lifetime. Can this trio bond after being with the man who wronged them to find love, laughter, adventure, and friendship that will last a lifetime?

Well, yes, if it was a trailer for a Hollywood movie – but this story about three women who went from GF’s Hoodwinked to awesome BFFs turned out to be true.

Abi Roberts, Becca King, and Morgan Tabor are dating someone they thought was a great guy – but it turned out that their prince charming met all three of them at the same time.

Around Christmas, some overly friendly texts and flirty photos, apparently pairing his lover with several other women, led Morgan to believe that something strange was about to happen. As it turned out, the reports of her lover on social networks confirmed her worst suspicions.

Morgan, who lives in Salt Lake City, reached out to a girl on Instagram to share the bad news that her “exclusive” boyfriend was far from exclusive. The shock and horror they shared were the same.

But this relationship is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Morgan’s retelling further suggests that in addition to the young woman he had contacted, “the boyfriend who will remain anonymous” was also dating Roberts, a student and artist at Utah State University in Idaho.

“We had a great time and around December I got messages from two girls,” Roberts told the Salt Lake City Tribune. “One of them… was basically like, ‘Hey, are you with this guy?’ “I said yes. And they said, “Well, we were both with him. So that was a big surprise.”

He appeared at Morgan’s door with a bouquet of flowers in hand during an open FaceTime chat between she and Roberts.

When he tries to control his rigged dating program, the girls don’t buy the poor defensive line he’s trying to sell.

After a hunch that there may be more members in their strange and growing society, Tabor and Roberts follow the evidence and eventually find half a dozen other women he’s also seen. One of them turned out to be King, also from Boise.

After a short conversation, the three left him for a while. But instead of being bitter from the experience, the three women grew closer in the months that followed and finally decided to meet.

“We’ve dealt with a lot of trauma and exchanged memories, and it’s clear that we’re all great, fun people with a lot in common,” Roberts told the Washington Post. “We instantly became good friends.”

Three women find out that the same man is cheating on them. They left him and went on an epic journey together. 20210721 051409 518x1024

During their first meeting, the three of them tell a relationship story about a handsome man who has left them. They got used to it and learned that he chose women with very similar tastes, interests, and entertainment. And he told them, keeping his form, all about his romantic dream of traveling around the country in an old VW bus.

When they laugh at his predictability, they have a light bulb for a moment. Why not take this dream and make it a reality?

Soon the women made a plan. With the help of friends and family, they got an old school bus and parked it in Boise, where they built it into a modern little RV straight out of a glossy magazine page.

This summer they left.

The three itineraries include Washington State; Yellowstone, Glacier and Grand Teton National Parks and drive south on the west coast. All the women took turns behind the wheel, and each worked remotely for a few hours a week to pay for the trip.

To say the journey is transformative is an understatement.

As the old saying goes, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Although neither of the three women could have predicted how sweet the final outcome of this particular trip would be when they first met instead of getting angry and seeking revenge, they chose the main road instead.

“I think sometimes a lot of people think we’re just doing this [despite our ex’s hate] but we’re not,” Roberts told SLT. “It’s very authentic that we followed our dreams and took the opportunities and we’re excited.”

Three women find out that the same man is cheating on them. They left him and went on an epic journey together. 20210721 051448 543x1024

“What this man did to us did not define our lives,” Roberts told the Washington Post. “We all feel so blessed to be here. We are friends for life.”


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