Platform Capital launches Africa Walk to attract foreign investors and change Africa’s misconceptions.


Platform Capital, a leading provider of investment and consulting services to global companies, through its subsidiary – Unicorn Group, launched “Africa Walk” to change misconceptions about Africa and help foreign investors better understand the continent’s business landscape.

The initiative themed ‘Africa Walk Unicorn Day’has attracted several overseas investors and companies from the United States and Latin America who want to invest in Africa and expand into markets across the continent.

During the Africa walk Unicorn Day exhibition, Ponmile Ocibo, partner at Platform Capital, said that despite the possibilities in different sectors of the African continent, there is a huge misunderstanding of its history.

He said the Africa Walk initiative was launched to expose Africa to international investors by inviting them to see Africa itself, its culture and opportunities from their point of view, without relying solely on what they hear.

“We want to change misconceptions about African realities,” he said.

“We wanted to create the initiative and the environment to uncover Africa, to help investors understand the continent through our eyes as we see Africa,” said Ocibo.

He added that a visit from foreign investors would clarify and help them understand that Africa is like any other part of the world.

He said the initiative, which will be launched in Nigeria and Kenya, will take place annually and will attract various investors to visit the two countries on the continent every year.

“This initiative is new and as we continue to attract investors to visit different countries in Africa every year, we will attract different investors to each country on the continent for the next 25 to 30 years,” he said.

Regarding the economic impact of the initiative, he said the initiative will help increase foreign direct investment, create more jobs for the continental economy and stimulate economic growth.

According to him, five foreign investors and three companies from the United States and Latin America are already in Nigeria and will visit Kenya as part of the Africa Walk initiative.

Additionally, Marlon Nichols, Managing Partner of MaC Venture Capital, a venture capital firm that invests in technology startups taking advantage of changing cultural trends and behavior, said that due to the large and young population in Nigeria, his organization wanted to invest.

Similarly, Roman Weishauple, founder and vice president of SafeRoom, a SaaS platform that provides secure business communications, partnered with Platform Capital to tap into the Nigerian market.

Weishaupl said that there is a huge opportunity in Nigeria and that opportunity is growing very fast.

According to him, despite the challenges that hinder the continent’s productivity, his skills far outweigh the challenges.

“We believe we have strong partners and together we will tackle problems when they come.”

Some of the investors and companies that have visited Nigeria are; SoftBank, represented by Dami Osunsanya; Angel Venture, represented by Henan Fernandez and Camilo Keiner; View Accelerator, represented by Alejandro Cortes Meza; GE Capital was represented by Seyi Akinwale and MaC Venture Capital was represented by Marlon Nichols.

Others are Trident Capital, represented by Eric Taylor; Strap Technologies represented by Diego Roel; Solofonds represented by Rooney Williams and Travis Holloway and SafeRoom represented by Bianca Lowe and Roman Weishauple.


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