Teen CEO gets $200,000 Investment from Marcus Lemonis and Gayle King.


Teen CEO Gabby Goodwin has landed a staggering $200,000 investment from Marcos Lemonis and Gayle King to take her business, GaBBY Bows, to the next level.

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“This investment means a lot to me. As a Black-owned business, it’s been hard getting capital. “The partnership with Marcus Lemonis and Gayle King is a blessing,” Gabby said in an interview with Black Enterprise. “Your investment will help me develop and purchase products and expand my team to better serve our trusted family.”

What exactly is Gabby Bows and how did the 14-year-old girl become a true entrepreneur on the rise?

Well, according to Scribble.com, GaBBY Bows is a company founded by Gabby and her mother Rosalyn. GaBBY Bows was co-founded when Gabby was just five years old. The idea for this product started with just one idea, but it wasn’t long before this mother-daughter duo made their own and sold their revolutionary hair clip, which is stronger than the regular brace due to its double-face and double-click aspect. . Gabby wasn’t going to lose her hairpin again.

In addition to hair clips, Gabby also sells hair styling creams, daily washing products, and lipsticks. GaBBy Bow products are available online and at retail stores.

What did Lemonis and King see in Gabby that made them invest in this extraordinary young woman?

“…I have hundreds, if not thousands of people who come to me with great ideas and other less-than-good ones. But when I evaluate a deal, I always make sure that I’m not only investing in a product, but also the people behind the product. What I love about Gabby is that she is a young woman who looks for solutions to problems, demonstrates persistence, risk taking, and a leap into trust and listening, which are qualities of many great leaders. Gabby has a great future in business and I love being a small part of it,” said Lemonis in a recent interview.

He continued, “I want to raise capital for growth and the money I want to invest specifically goes to inventory, but I want the right kind of inventory so I want you to research what products you’re missing.” and not just hairpins. “

Lemonis donated $150,000 to Gabby and Gayle King donated $50,000 this morning.

And of course, Gabby’s parents were no less proud of their young lady.

“Mike and I are extremely proud of Gabby and her accomplishments. Her perseverance, resilience and tenacity inspire us and many others every day,” said Rosalyn Goodwin. “We are grateful for this opportunity to give more girls like her a chance as we grow with this new partnership.”

Congratulations, Gabby! We are excited to see what the future holds for you and GaBBY Bows!


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