9 Random Animal Facts you should know.

  1. Elephants can’t jump.
  2. The octopus has three hearts.
  3. Cows don’t actually have four stomachs; has a stomach with four compartments.
  4. Platypus have no stomach at all: thier esophagus goes straight into your intestines.
  5. This is a true animal myth: eating pufferfish parts can kill you because it contains a deadly chemical called tetrodotoxin which is a protective mechanism to repel predators. One is enough to kill 30 people – and there is no antidote. However, pufferfish, called fugu, is a delicacy that is highly valued in Japan, but can only be prepared by a trained chef.
  6. Polar bears have black skin. And in fact, their fur is not white – it’s transparent, so it looks white because it reflects light.
  7. Tiger skin is actually striped, as well as its fur. Also, no two fur styles are the same.
  8. Flamingos are only pink because of chemicals called carotenoids in the algae and fish (which also eat algae) they eat; their fur is gray-white at birth.
  9. Mosquitoes are the deadliest animals in the world: they kill more people than any other creature because of the diseases they transmit.


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