Nigeria Suspends Deputy Police Commissioner Abba Kyari : Accused of being an accomplice to Hushpuppi’s crimes.


Nigeria suspended one of its most respected police officers after he was charged with money laundering in the US.

Deputy Commissioner Abba Kyari has been accused of taking bribes from Nigerian celebrity on Instagram Ray Hushpuppi, who pleaded guilty to money laundering in the United States.

Mr Kyari denied the accusation.

The accusation shocked many Nigerians because he was known as a “super cop” who hunts down criminals.

Court documents filed in the state of California that 37-year-old Hushpupi’s crimes cost victims nearly $24 million (£17 million).

Hushpupi, whose real name is Ramon Abbas, introduced himself as a real estate developer in Dubai and posted photos of his lavish lifestyle on Instagram, where he has 2.5 million followers.

After being extradited from Dubai last year, he was charged in the United States.

Christy Johnson, deputy head of the FBI’s Los Angeles office, said Hushpupi was “one of the most notorious money launderers in the world.”

“The celebrity’s status and ability to make connections have infiltrated legitimate organizations and resulted in multiple segregation plans in the United States and abroad,” she said.

In a statement last week, US officials said Hushpuppi had alleged in an affidavit that he got Mr Kyari to arrest a syndicate member with whom he had fallen out.

Mr Kyari sent details to Hushpuppi’s of a bank account which he could use to pay for the arrest, the statement said.

The Nigerian Police Service Commission, which is responsible for disciplining staff, said Kyari would be dismissed pending an investigation.

Mr Kyari called the allegations “false” and said “his hands are clean”.

The allegations against Mr Kyari have sparked a lot of controversy in Nigeria – some people believe him while others say he was fabricated.

It is unclear whether he will be extradited to the United States to stand trial there.

Hushpuppi could be sentenced to up to 20 years in prison.

In one plot, he tried to steal more than $1.1 million from someone who wanted to fund a new children’s school in Qatar, the documents said.

Court files printed last week said he pleaded guilty on 20th of April.


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