Dealing with being Independent : Women.


In fairness, while women still face bad script when it comes to relationships, women have a heightened right to do what is designed, something outside of sexist norms.

On the one hand, “strong and independent women” do everything themselves, but often they do not find qualified men who could realize their ambitions. She is often teased for not being married and may want to get married, but she doesn’t want to settle down or work to “bring a man,” as we’ve seen in recent times. This is partly due to the fact that more men are cared for by their mothers rather than normal men to support their future homes and families. Many of these men compete mercilessly with women who are supposed to be partners or engage in self-gratification and encourage their partners to lead the relationship or marriage.

There is another side to this aspect. In other words, women who are considered “too independent” reject men in their attitude. This was suggested by Marcus Black, a reality TV show that has sparked a lot of controversy on social media recently.
It seems that the gender roles we grew up in have changed in ways that do not meet the needs of many women.

On the other hand, as a woman, there is a story that “you have to do it all” because no one can do it like a woman. Because we are so strong and tolerant … Because we have no one to help. The degree to which we run out of energy trying to hide what we can allow others to do. This type of independent woman does more than is necessary to show herself not vulnerable, but since it actually tires her out, it probably makes her vulnerable to attacks (physical, spiritual, mental, etc.) because she wants to do everything herself.

This story is scientific for us, and many of us perceive it as a problem.
Both scenarios seem detrimental to women, but we see and know such people in our everyday life.

The problem with being a self-sufficient woman is that it’s what defines the world. Independence by definition means “autonomous, self-governing, individualistic.” By definition, this is not the case for those who follow Jesus Christ, our guiding authority. Being independent by secular standards means doing things for yourself, and in your own way, often times for impure reasons, when you need to look at your main motive. We draw a fine line between what appears to be right and what is actually idolatry.

How can we rely on God when we naturally rely on our own strength?

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I don’t think there is anything wrong with taking responsibility for what God has given you (life, work, home, body) and taking good care of it. The problem with some American cultures is that we accept this concept and distort it in response to social change that deviates from the will of God. For example, using the name “Independent Woman” irritates men and masks our perception of rejection. Or use the title as a weapon to demonize women who have standards and who don’t want to put up with often toxic interdependencies.
So, being an “independent woman” can negatively affect your thoughts and behavior if you don’t learn to balance between personal responsibility and being open to help, guidance and leadership (authority).

A godly marriage requires both aspects. So what can ambitious women do when they don’t want to take less than they deserve? A woman who wants to appear before herself with God’s grace and marry a suitable man from God?

We must work to be interdependent.

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Interdependent relationships include people who are dependent on others. “Interdependent people recognize the value of vulnerability in being able to reach out to their partners in meaningful ways to create emotional closeness.
They also value the confidence that they and their partners can be themselves without compromising their identity or value system.

This is the most realistic way to act in our daily life, because we are dependent on people in one form or another every day. Interdependence involves respecting and caring for one another, as in 1 Peter 3.

Being independent is doing it all on your own, and this is a one-way street to a stressful life. It’s not yours, sister. There will be people in your life with whom God will bring to help you and vice versa.

In general, we should be the women who need God the most. He will support us when we are alone and help us when we need him. We must be able to accept this.
As daughters of God, we have this right. Don’t let others shame you for your accomplishments or alienate you from the help and treatment you deserve as a child of God.

“The woman to be admired and praised is the woman who lives in the fear of God. Give her everything she deserves! Festoon [adorn] her life with praise!” –Proverbs 31:30b-31 MSG

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