NDLEA Recovers 8,268kg of Illicit Drugs including; Cocaine, Heroine , Tramadol amongst others.


The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency said it had seized more than 8,268 kilograms of various illegal drugs, including cocaine, heroin, tramadol, methamphetamine and skunks.

It happened as part of a week-long coordinated attack in Ondo, Aqua Ibom, Adamawa, Enugu State, Bauchi State, Edo and Anambra, the statement said.

The director of the Media and Advocacy Agency, Mr Femi Babafemi, made the remarks in Abuja on Sunday.

Babafemi said at least 15 drug dealers were arrested during Operation Assault, including a woman in a wheelchair.

He said the operation, which began Aug. 1, ran through Saturday in seven states.

He noted that the attack was aimed at cleaning up illegal drugs in the affected states.

He said the operation was led by the NDLEA Chairman, a retired Brig-Gen. Buba Marva fights all drug cartels across the country.

Babafemi said most of the drugs seized were recovered from Ondo and Edo states.

According to him, Omokayode Adedayo, 27, was arrested on Friday in Akure, arrested on Oda road, Akure South local government area.

Babafemi said the Aqua Ibom attack resulted in the recovery of 64,903 kilograms of illegal drugs, including 1,203 kilograms of crack cocaine from 26-year-old Nwoye Solomon.

“In Adamawa state, a drug dealer, Ikechukwu Onuh, was arrested Thursday in Jimeta, Yola, with 14,400 kilograms of tramadol packaged as diclofenac to avoid detection.

“In the state of Enugu, 19.08 kilograms of cocaine and skunks were taken from three suspects, including 35-year-old disabled Yogywe Chinye and 25-year-old Aja David.

“During the attack in the Onicha area of ​​Anambra, quantities of cocaine and heroin were also seized from 18-year-old drug dealer Jude Chinedu.

“In a bus from Jos, the highlands to Bauchi, more than 59 kilograms of the psychotropic substance pentazocine were detected with more than 148 kilograms of different variants of the skunk.

Meanwhile, varying amounts of tramadol, methamphetamine and skunk entering the UK, Australia, New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates have been intercepted by two courier companies in Lagos, Babafemi said.

He also said the arrests were made by drug officers from the agency’s General Investigation Directorate.

In response to the results of the attack, Marwa commended the officers and men of the seven commandos for their diligence and ordered them not to lean on the oars.

He said the national offensive action would continue on all teams until the last gram of illegal drugs is removed from the streets. (NAN).


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