Lil Baby Wants More Kids “To Carry on His Legacy”.


Lil baby wants more kids. The rapper recently sat down with Billboard to discuss his family and career.

“Everything I do is really for my kids,” says Lil Baby. “I want more kids than I have because the older you get, you start to see life differently,” the rapper said. “I’m the only one from where I come from, so I have to build a generation and support my family. I need more children to carry on the legacy.”

Lil Baby Wants More Kids “To Carry on His Legacy”. lilbaby1 1

Lil Baby has two sons, Loyal and Jason. Some may remember Loyal from his successful children’s book project earlier this year. Loyal sold out within minutes, prompting the young man’s mother, Jada Cheeves, to thank her supporters in an Instagram post.

“It’s not even 20 minutes and my baby books are almost sold out,” Jada said on Loyal’s fifth birthday. “I swear I didn’t expect this,” Cheeves said. “But I have to thank you very much,” she added.

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Fans love Lil Baby and his family mainly because of the rapper’s big heart. Just last year, Lil Baby donated more than $1.5 million to the black community. Celebrity contributions came from the hit “The Bigger Picture”.

“My life feels like a responsibility,” Lil Baby told Billboard. “To be honest, I’m not even trying to be a role model,” the rapper continued. “[But] now that I know it’s me, I try to act differently because I get people to watch. I don’t even do what I really want to do. I did what I had to do now. “

Lil Baby Wants More Kids “To Carry on His Legacy”. lil baby

Lil Baby took a walk to a school in Atlanta on Sunday (August 8) to take advantage of disadvantaged children. The rapper shared everything from backpacks to laptops at the charity event.


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