10 Simple Reasons why Friday is the Best Day of the Week.


Heck to the yeah, it’s Friday, and there may not be another day of the week more in need of a point of diversion than this one. Unless of course it’s M, T, W or TH.

Yes, we all love Fridays and the common reason is that it’s the day before Saturday, before the weekend, before a holiday or Vacation. It’s mostly a day before something great, and it could be more than that.

Here is a short list of why Friday is or could be a good day for everyone.

1. It’s makes you anticipate for something.

And we live for that feeling of anticipation, don’t we? It really puts us in such a mood that we feel refreshed, young, and ready for more, even when we’re not. Even when it’s just to sleep all through the weekend, your body reacts to this feeling of anticipation.

2. We dress casually.

One “Friday Casual” will just be a reminder of the time when we dress a certain way from Monday to Thursday and then just relax on Friday. Remember: there was a time when there were no random Fridays at all. Random Fridays are something of a let loose, a way to cool off over the weekend.

3. We even eat differently.

6 out of 10 people usually eat take good care of themselves from Monday to Thursday, but Friday? This is “export day” or even “breakfast burrito day”. It’s a day when we don’t care about fruit in the office. We can now try the beer at 6:00 pm. We let go and relax a bit.

4. Bad things don’t happen on Fridays.

That’s not true, of course, but that’s how most people think about it. Your head is free of worries and you are more concentrated over the coming weekend. You feel invincible, unstoppable. When something bad happens on a Friday you can’t believe it, but believe it or not, you actually recover faster.

5. This is the day when everything ends and everything begins.

Beyond the anticipation of the weekend, you can look back on your week, loosen up your shirt, take off your shoes, and see how well or poorly you did. Inhale, exhale, and look ahead for a few days just to not experience it again. Friday is the best metaphor in life: it is a real, serene and perfect moment, when you look back only to look forward.

6. Shorter days.

Have you ever ridden a horse to the stables? You go faster. Have you ever returned home after a long journey? You go faster. It’s about returning to that place of freedom, usually weekends. You may even work harder than Thursday, but you work faster and, in most cases, harder because you just want to get done… giving the impression that the day is shorter.

7. Friday feels like home.

It doesn’t matter if you have a regular schedule for Fridays and are going to repeat it over and over, or if you just want to have an original schedule for every Friday. You know for a fact that the one day waiting for it to chill is Friday: the day you come home is not where you go but where you find yourself.

8. The music is high on Fridays.

It’s something natural, like French fries and ketchup (though I’m not a fan): Friday is with music. If I can, I just turn up the volume and play a few songs on my playlist and the magic happens: no one will complain on a Friday. No one dares … because Friday is full of music.

9. Fridays are for them.

Do you realize? Saturdays are actually for you, but the way to you is through through them. Fridays are the days when you share the most, and when others pick up and give back. Every Friday is Good Friday when it’s shared with someone, right? Even your boss looks friendlier.

10. Most people won’t say No on Friday.

Try it, although not when it comes to business as most people don’t take up meetings on Fridays, but just try it. Our procrastination is reduced, so Friday is probably the best day to get people to say YES to you. Do you have a date this Friday? or promotion? Or did some friends come up with an extraordinary plan? Have some fun today!


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