CEOs Of PorkMoney Declared Wanted By International Police.


Interpol is looking for a couple, Gloria Igberaese and Muyiwa Folorunsho.

The two entrepreneurs are wanted by Interpol for their involvement in a multi-million dollar investment scam.

The entrepreneurs are believed to be the CEO of Divergent Enterprise, running companies such as Landlagos, PorkMoney, Hyberfactory and Porkoyum, as well as other businesses said to have used thousands of Nigerians in a number of Ponzi-related programs.

In one case, the suspect, nicknamed “Bonnie and Clyde” on social media, defrauded investors of N1 billion.

“However, the funds have been diverted for personal use, including the purchase of luxury homes and foreign citizenship,” the victims said in a petition to federal authorities on January 21, 2021.

An arrest warrant issued separately by the Lagos Division of the Federal Court stated that they were wanted for getting money on the grounds of fraud and theft.

“He is being sought by the police for crimes of obtaining money under false pretenses, theft and misappropriation of funds,” said a statement from the Intepol Police Department in Nigeria, Lagos, describing his physical characteristics.

“If they are seen, arrest them and hand them over to the nearest police station or to the office of the commissioner of police Interpol Section Force Criminal Investigation Department Annex, Alagbon Ikoyi Close, Lagos” the document said.

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CEOs Of PorkMoney Declared Wanted By International Police. couple2 1 1

In 2019, executives, suspected of being a couple, were heavily criticized on Twitter after users posing as former employees reported they were committing fraud, creating a toxic work environment, taking pay cuts, or being laid off on charges of petty misconduct.

One of the alleged former employees, identified as Ada, accused the couple of defrauding customers and keeping their marital status out of the public eye.

However, in their defense,Mrs Osei denied ever harassing an employee.

“For those who are unhappy with my perceived treatment of them while working for me, I sincerely apologize, and I do hope that over time, as you venture into creating businesses of yours that you get to understand why some things however unpalatable are totally necessary if one is to survive as a business owner in Nigeria,” she wrote.

They were declared fugitives following a petition from Chijioke Ukaegbu and other victims. Intelligence research firm Sylnam Strategies is coordinating the petition against the suspect.


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