Suspected Drug Dealer Arrested in Church by Ndlea.


The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency has arrested a major drug dealer who tried to export 69.65 kilograms of cocaine, heroin and marijuana to the UK.

The director, media and advocacy, Mr Femi Babafemi, said so in a statement submitted to the News Agency of Nigeria in Abuja on Sunday.

Babafemi said the drugs were to be exported from Murtala Mohammed International Airport (MMIA) in Lagos via Nigerian Aviation Handling Company (NAHCO).

He said the suspect was arrested at a church in Ojodu, Ikeja area, Lagos, adding that NDLEA agents has been trying to track down the wanted drug dealer.

He also said the suspect, Stephen Ikeanyionwu, was followed to a popular Pentecostal church on Mike Ajari Street in Ojodu Berger on Sunday 15 August.

He added that agents caught him there after he left the service.

He said that when he was arrested, a shipment of 69.65kg of illegal drugs was intercepted as it was supposed to enter the UK via Lagos Airport on August 12.

“The illegal baggage had been sent to the airport for export through a freight forwarding company, which in turn gave a driver to deliver at the NAHCO export shed.

“Following the arrest of the driver, follow up operations and investigations later revealed the true identity of the actual owner of the consignment who was arrested three days later in a sting operation,” he said.

Babafemi said NDLEA agents also arrested a passenger traveling to Italy, Abibu Miminu, while evacuating passengers on an Ethiopian Airways flight to Italy via Addis Ababa to possession of drugs at Lagos airport.

“During observations at the institution’s facilities between Saturday, August 14 and Sunday, August 15, the dealer dropped 68 packs of heroin in three shots, each weighing 800 grams,” he said.

Drugs from the Directorate of Operations and General Investigation also intercepted illegal drugs at two courier companies in Lagos.

Babafemi said 840 grams of methamphetamine that was going Australia and was hidden in bolts and 340 grams of methamphetamine hidden in locally produced shoes were also intercepted.

He added that a kilogram of cocaine that is from Ghana going to England and was hidden in four local guitars was also intercepted.

“In addition to 480 grams of methamphetamine was confiscated from one of the courier companies, hidden in shoes and going to Australia,” he said.

During Ethiopian Airlines’ internal acquittal from Addis Ababa importing 58 grams of skunk into Nigeria, a repatriate from South Africa, Obi Samuel, was arrested at Lagos airport.

Babafemi said the suspect admitted to his possession and admitted to being a marijuana smoker during a preliminary interview. (NAN)


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