Jim Iyke Confronts Uche Maduagwu For Questioning The Source Of His Wealth.


A popular video on social media shows an altercation between Nollywood actor Jim Ike and Uche Maduagwu.

A few days ago, Maduagwu came on social media to call Iyke out, arguing that he lives an expensive lifestyle in Lagos.

Questioning the source of Iyke’s wealth, Maduagwu admitted that he heard that the co-actor did not buy expensive clothes in Nigeria, but rather imported them from abroad.

He wrote, mostly in English:

“Please, nobody should beg me on this matter because I have already made up my mind on this issue. Is Jim Iyke the only one in Nollywood?”

“Look at the expensive lifestyle e dey live up and down in Lagos and Abuja. Someone told me e no dey buy expensive clothes from Naija again, e now import the most expensive ones abroad. Please, what is his source of wealth again?”

“Any day we meet or see, I go use my Abuja connection to beg EFCC boss to invite am, we never recover from what Hushpuppi do us, now this one is changing expensive cars up and down like Hushpuppi of the movie industry.”

“Even if dem pay me ten million naira to enter movie location with am, if e no tell us his source of wealth I go refuse.”

The release may have made Iyke confront Maduagwu to the point where he was prevented from fully engaging in a fight with him, as seen in the current video.

During the conflict, Maduagwu is heard saying “I will sue you” after his shirt is pulled by Iyke, to which he warns and says, “EFCC will arrest you.”

Watch the Video Below…


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