NCAA Warns that Airlines with Expired Certificates Will be Grounded.


The Civil Aviation Authority of Nigeria has stated that airlines waiting for their airline certificate to expire before renewing it are not justified.

According to NCAA regulations, airlines must renew their AOC at least 30 days before it expires.

Several aviation industry stakeholders recently disrupted the AOC process at a conference in Lagos.

Airlines renew their AOC every two years, as required by the NCAA.

NCAA Director General Captain Musa Nuhu said in a telephone interview : “There are five stages involved in AOCs’ renewal, all of which are very crucial and are done with cautiousness to ensure the stages are duly passed.

According to him, the planned operator or operator will write the position at an early stage and state his intention to conduct an exploratory discussion with them.

He said, “After that, we start other phases through the final phase, in which the operator would conduct some flights and inspection of their base facilities to ensure that they are capable and approve what they have claimed in their inspection before they are approved for the AOC.

“AOC is one of the important certifications you can give in the aviation industry because that is what approves an airline for operations.”

According to him, the five different phases have different processes to ensure and confirm legitimacy as well as financial and technical capabilities.

Nuhu says, “If you wait till your AOC expires, that means you are not going to fly. If your AOC expires, you are grounded. The regulation says at least 30 days before expiration.

“But because of the difficulties they have meeting with certifications, the regulation says 30 days, but nothing stops you from meeting the regulation 60 or 90 days so that if there is any issue or challenge you have, you can resolve it before your AOC actually expires.”

One of the airlines that had AOC issues before flight operations was Green Africa.

Green Africa announced a June delay before its maiden flight in August due to unforeseen circumstances related to its AOC.

“At a joint meeting between top officials of the regulatory body and senior executives of Green Africa, it was concluded that the airline’s Air Operator’s Certificate will not be available till July 2021 due to unforeseen circumstances,” the airline had said.

The President of Tropical Arctic Logistics, Emperor Ibe, was quoted in a recent interview as saying that TAL’s operations had been standing for more than a year due to problems with the AOC renewal, which resulted in losses of more than 7 million. led by the US dollar.

Industry experts say the N200,000 airlines being paid for is the problem, not a strict system of repeating the same thing every two years.

Aviation expert Olumide Ohunayo said the NCAA should adopt the use of technology rather than manual processes to help operators reduce the stress associated with the renewal process.


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