Special Chocolate is Made for Blind Customer in a Restaurant with Birthday Message in Braille.


There are thousands of ways to say “Happy Birthday” but the funniest of all is the special chocolate message that was recently served by the very attentive restaurant staff.

Writing birthday wishes in hot melted chocolate is nothing new at Luciano Gino D’Acampo’s restaurant in London, but best wishes are written in Braille for the totally blind Natalie Te Paa.

What made the message even more meaningful was that there was no prior planning. When the restaurant crew learns that the dinner Te Paa shared with friend Claire Sarah was a birthday dinner, they set out to find and recreate a Braille translation that encapsulates their best wishes in cold chocolate.

Te Paa could hardly believe his fingertips as he traced the raised tip of the candy.

“My head went blank for a moment, and then I said to myself, ‘Is that in Braille?’ “- Ta Paa told TODAY. Nothing like this has ever happened to me. It was wild. They really went beyond that.”

Dinner server Sara caught Te Paa’s amazed reaction to a very different kind of surprise party and posted the happy footage on TikTok.

While restaurant manager Giovanni Galluccio claims that the emergency move is just part of the customer service they want to offer all their guests, the Internet has rated the extraordinary act of kindness as something special, with nearly 16 million views to date.

As Te Paa said: “The fact that people have responded so much and so well to it just shows how much the world needs kindness right now, how much the world needs a message of hope, needs to see people doing things and going above and beyond for each other.”

“So take heart despite how broken the world is right now,” the viral video caption reads, “true kindness still exists.”

To paraphrase M&M’s iconic tagline, this is a message that is sure to “melt in your hearts, not in the hands”.

Watch video below…


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