Federal Government, NJFP & UNDP Collaborates To Provide Jobs Annually To 20,000 Qualified Graduates.


Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Program NJFP

No less than 20,000 graduates are set to be involved in the United Nations Development Program and the federal government in both the private and public sectors across the country.

This partnership is part of the Nigeria Jubilee Fellows program, which aims to open up opportunities to fight unemployment.

NJFP will provide 20,000 young Nigerian alumni with year-long employment opportunities in both the public and private sectors across the country, according to a press release from UNDP by Acting head of communications, Alison Clement on Monday.

NJFP aims to nurture the talents and skills of local Nigerians by creating a channel between graduates and industries to fill employment gaps by identifying the skills most needed by businesses while also identifying graduate guidance to better prepare for an ever-evolving work environment.

The long-term goal of this program is to create opportunities where colleagues can play a critical role in growing the private and public sectors while contributing to Nigeria’s future.

“Interested private and public sector organizations must submit an official letter of interest, outlining their commitment to supporting the programme by accepting fellow placements. Among other requirements, organizations will also be asked to provide mentorship support to Fellows,” Clement stated.

To ensure transparency, Clement encourages potential host organizations to express their interest by submitting their applications via the online portal and stresses that an independent management firm will review the process.

“The selection process will be transparent and inclusive. Prospective fellows are to submit an application electronically against the criteria through the application portal.

Once the application is complete, an independent talent management company will review the application and create a long list of candidates who will proceed to the next stage of the selection process. Candidates who are included in the long-term list then go through a series of tests and aptitude assessments before being selected.

Host organizations that meet the eligibility requirements will be placed in a database ready to find pre-qualified partners.

The talent requirements of the host organization will be determined by the application, and the placement cycle will be a shared process between NJFP and successful organizations to ensure that industry needs match the needs of the applicant,” she added. Go to https://www.njfp.ng/ to apply


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