Nicki Minaj’s Live Session Interrupted By Her Son “Papa Bear” Trends On Social Media.


Nicki Minaj’s son, who is familiarly called “Papa Bear” has become a trending topic on social media after disturbing his mother’s Instagram session.

Nicki Minaj tries to speak to her audience while Papa Bear continues to make noise in the background. Nicki called her son several times before telling someone off camera to pick him up. At some point, the celebrity mom was ready to end the live Instagram session to see what her son was up to, but Nicki managed to finish her message before the segment ended.

“Not Papa being possessed by Roman,”said one social media fan upon seeing the segment. Another social media fan shared a laughing emoji to convey the excitement of the video.

Nicki Minaj and her husband Kenneth Petty welcomed their son last September. Papa Bear’s birth came months after Nicki hid her expectancy from the public eye and weeks after she decided to officially share her pregnancy with fans.

Papa Bear is about to celebrate his first birthday as he grows rapidly. Just a few days ago, Nicki Minaj shared a video in which her son greets fans on social media while hanging out with his parents and their best friend Rihanna.

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“Say Hi”, Nicki Minaj points to her son in the video. The “I’m Legit” rapper didn’t expect her son to follow instructions, which is why Nicki was so surprised when Papa Bear said “Hi”.

“What a perfect baby,” wrote Tamar Braxton in response to a video of Papa bear greeting fans. “My ovaries,” said Natalie Nunn. “I want a boy now,” said the famous mother. Thank you, sister, Natalie mused.

Papa Bear is the first child of Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty. He will celebrate his first birthday on Thursday, September 30, 2021.


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