2 Indiana Boys Gets Off Their Bikes To Stand At Attention For Military Funeral On Their Route.


Two Indiana boys who were riding past a military veteran’s funeral on their motorbikes last week stopped immediately.

Jackie Hornbach was in the Batesville neighborhood when the boys got off their bikes, dropped their backpacks, and stood in ceremonial formation.

She was enjoying the fine weather outside when the funeral procession arrived at the cemetery across the street.

“These two young men rode their motorbikes and saw the flag of the dead soldier. They immediately stopped riding, got off their bikes and stood respectfully while TAPS was being played,” she wrote on Facebook.

“I had to take a picture because I’m proud of these two young men.

She told Fox News, “As if they didn’t even need to discuss it before they did, it came naturally to them… without being asked or knowing if anyone was watching them. It was so touching to see.”

She debated whether to publish the photo or not, but decided, “With all the negativity going on, I think it’s necessary.”

“I’m sure the soldier is in heaven and smiling down at them.”


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