Federal Government Suspends Passports And Places 3,964 Nigerians On Watchlist.


No less than 3,964 Nigerians are currently on the watch list of the Nigerian Immigration Service.

The names of those affected were collected and forwarded to security authorities at the country’s international airport, where they were arrested on site.

According to the NIS 2020 annual report, index of suspicion, 308 people were added to the watchlist in 2019, 166 people in 2020, while 51 were banned for two years.

No less than 3,438 passports are also being monitored, while 23 people are on the exemption list.

The report said: “The Suspect Index reviews and maintains a list of persons barred from entering Nigeria or who have special instructions for entering and leaving Nigeria. Travel documents are a tool to achieve this goal in collaboration with other law enforcement authorities and competent courts. ”

In a similar development, the NIS revoked 149,875 stolen or lost passports and uploaded them to the Interpol database for stolen and lost travel documents via the Web Services for Data Management platform.

There is now evidence that FG may not meet its 2021 revenue forecast from NIS services.

The results suggest that there may be a shortfall in visa revenue; e-PASS, ECOWAS residence cards, combined residence permits for emigrants and cards for foreigners and other documents issued by the NIS due to the reduced number of foreign visitors and emigrants in the country following the COVID-19 travel restrictions.

Immigration sources said the number of Italians, British, South Africans, Chinese, Indians and other Asians, who make up most of the country’s immigrants, has declined due to travel restrictions in their respective countries.

The erstwhile Comptroller-General of Immigration, Mohamed Babandede said the service saw a 40 percent drop in revenue in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

NIS data shows that the Immigration Service generated N20.3 billion from CERPAC in 2018; N 40.7 billion in 2019 and N 16.7 billion in 2020


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