14 Slimming Swimsuits Best For All Body Types.


The beach or pool is for relaxation and fun. So the last thing to worry about is feeling safe in a bathing suit. A good slimming bathing suit must not only look good, it must also feel comfortable and withstand regular use so that it lasts longer than a few times. Slimming swimsuits can have a built-in garment that feels denser to physically smooth out subtle bulges, or they can use design techniques to look flattering without being constricted.

This swimsuit has the benefit of clothing to help find those who keep their word. In the lab, they evaluate the fabric to see how well the color can withstand UV rays, chlorine, seawater, and laundry. They also test the durability of each one in our abrasion machine to see if the fabric is easily damaged by rough surfaces, such as the concrete side of a pool. Then they have real testers who provide feedback on the ability to get fit and lose weight. Finally, we measured our testers to see if the compression bathing suit actually removed a few inches from the waist, hips, and tummy. In total, we checked over 1,400 results from our last test before picking a winner.

Whether you’re looking for belly control or looking to create a curvy, contoured look, your perfect summer style is yet to come. Our selected slimming swimsuits come from brands that performed well in our tests or newer models with unique features and rave reviews from consumers. Here are the best slimming swimsuits you can buy:

Lab Tip: Some great design slimming elements include shuffling, diagonal lines, block colors with darker hues at the bottom, and strategic coverage and cuts that add the best look.


14 Slimming Swimsuits Best For All Body Types. 1550000842 miraclesuit oceanus swimsuit 1550000819
Oceanus Swimsuit.

Winner in our tests, this timeless style was loved by our judges: they said it slimmed down the tummy and waist and rated it better than any other slimming swimsuit they’ve tried. They also liked the attached cable and thought it had a nice lift. In our laboratory tests, it is resistant to seawater, chlorine, sweat, UV rays and more. And if you’re tired of the main color, it’s also available in lots of fun patterns and prints.


14 Slimming Swimsuits Best For All Body Types. 1550001002 tempt me v neckline monokini 1550000975
V-neck Monokini Swimsuit

This is the hottest swimsuit on Amazon, it costs just a fraction of the price of other styles, and best of all, it has impressed product experts and consumer testers in our reviews. Every tester – regardless of age, physique, or style preference – found it flattering. They especially like the rips that hide the belly bulge and the soft mesh on the back that prevents spills, which is often seen in tight-fitting swimsuits. What’s more, it’s also very comfortable and supportive.


14 Slimming Swimsuits Best For All Body Types. 1616004758 seaglass front web 1090x
The Sidestroke

This internet brand has a cult-like following and its one-shoulder style in particular has sold out time and time again thanks to its universally flattering designs that look great on every body type. Diagonal lines create a sleek look and the fabric is pressed but not too tight. Available in sizes 0-24 and body length options for taller bodies, there are also thousands of five-star reviews from users who say it’s “worth every penny.” There are plenty of colors to choose from, including options to block out light colors and solid neutrals.


14 Slimming Swimsuits Best For All Body Types. 1579713306 1550002432 spanx swim transformation tube 1550002413
Swim Transformation Tube.

This self-proclaimed “secret weapon” allows you to customize your swimsuit to cover the area you want. Fabric bands can be worn as a skirt to cover your thighs, around your body, to cover your belly, over your chest to make tankinis, and more. Available in sizes XS to 3X and is part of a collection that can be combined with other interesting pieces and allows you to create your own LBS (Little Black Swimsuit).


14 Slimming Swimsuits Best For All Body Types. 1579881359 miraclesuit sanibel swimsuit 1579881343
Sanibel’s One-piece Swimsuit

The Miraclesuit makes it back on our list this time around for its sculptural style that (literally!) loses more weight than any other suit we tested when we measured it. Our panel also says it has a sleeker visual appearance and rates it higher than other styles. Additional highlights include adjustable straps for an optimal fit, cables to support the chest and drapes around the chest and upper body to create a curvy look.


14 Slimming Swimsuits Best For All Body Types. 1550002278 b2prity backless slimming monokini 1550002246
Backless Slimming Monokini Swimsuit.

This style exposes a lot of skin and flatters the tummy thanks to the open back design and the open neckline at the front. The fun colors and patterns, along with the wobble in the middle, create a slimming look that real users think will make them feel beautiful in a swimsuit for the first time, according to real users. There are also removable pads and adjustable straps to help you find the right one for you.


14 Slimming Swimsuits Best For All Body Types. 1550001166 lands end slender wrap one piece swimsuit 1550001134
Slender Wrap Swimsuit.

In a previous review, Lands’ End Slender style was rated as the most flattering tester. This newer version is even funnier and more fun thanks to the ombre color with a darker shade on the underside (although it’s also available in jet black if desired). Also, the cross shirt looks like part of the design, but it secretly helps shape your upper body. The straps are wide for a supportive feel and are available in other sizes up to 24W.


14 Slimming Swimsuits Best For All Body Types. 1550001373 panache anya swimsuit 1550001351
Anya’s One-piece Swimsuit.

Panache offers bra-sized swimwear available in sizes 30 to 40 in the straps and D to K (equivalent to US size O) in the cups – which is plenty for anyone trying to find a suitable swimsuit to make things easier. There are plenty of bikinis and other items to choose from, but this style in particular has slimming properties due to the lining in the tummy area and smooth edges on the sides. It also has adjustable straps and a rubber band under the chest for support.


14 Slimming Swimsuits Best For All Body Types. 1616005681 41CRpNzfEML
Wrapped In The Perfect High Neckline Swimsuit.

If you’re planning a bath tour, it’s supportive and comfortable thanks to the high neckline, wide straps, integrated cups and full coverage floor. In addition, the brand uses chlorine-resistant fabric, which is necessary if you spend a lot of time in the pool. It’s also flattering for its belly control and design: prints on the top and black bottom ensure a slimming look.


14 Slimming Swimsuits Best For All Body Types. 1616006638 1579715341 target beach betty bikini swim top 1579715322
Bikini Top With Stand-up Collar.

This is not a contradiction in terms: weight loss bikinis actually exist! Pair this top with high-waisted slimming pants and you’ll enjoy the benefits of styling while showing off your midsection. The top has built-in cups and a zipper on the back that allows for a breeze to be placed and removed, while the brand slimming bottom has side seams and strategic stretch to make the curve where you want it.


14 Slimming Swimsuits Best For All Body Types. 1550002122 l l bean slimming swimwear classic halter dress 1550002099
Clasp Halter Dress Swimsuit.

Swimsuits are a great choice when you want to cover your thighs and buttocks, and L.L.Bean’s is even more captivating with its draped designs, chiseled fabrics, and subtle cuts around the hips and waist. The fender straps are adjustable so you can find the perfect fit and are available in a variety of sizes including long, plus, and D cup options. It’s also available in fun prints if you prefer a more lively style.


14 Slimming Swimsuits Best For All Body Types. 1550001744 tommy bahama pearl v front bandeau one piece swimsuit 1550001715
V-front Bandeau Beaded Swimsuit.

To avoid tan lines, this strapless suit with lightweight padded cups and flexible boning gives you the support you need so you don’t have to worry about falling. It also has a built-in shirt and belly panel that helps tone and shape. Other styles from Tommy Bahama in the Pearl collection performed well in our tests, and reviewers were surprised how this one specifically supported the chest and abs.


14 Slimming Swimsuits Best For All Body Types. 1623440977 41ZrD0XhpiL
Women’s Sweetheart Tankini Swimsuit.

If you prefer two-pieces but still want full coverage, this Tankini has weight-loss features like fabric weave and an even neckline. It has wide straps that stay in place without digging, as well as a built-in chest support cord, and is sold in bra sizes rather than dress sizes. Combine this piece with a base available in a rainbow of colors.


14 Slimming Swimsuits Best For All Body Types. 1616009845 41xTaJhZ65L 1
Long Sleeve Rash Guard.

If you’re looking for extra protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays, this long-sleeved swimsuit offers even better protection for your skin. The sides are adjustable so you can find the best fit and even transform into a dress by pulling on the cord. She has brilliant reviews online from women of all sizes who say she is comfortable and very flattered. Whether you like water sports, avoid sunburn, or just want to cover up, this affordable option is perfect for wearing a different swimsuit.


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