9 Ways To Disguise Dark Circles, Acne And More Using A Concealer.


Acne, age spots and hyperpigmentation and dark circles are a normal part of life and skin and nothing to be ashamed of. However, if you are looking for an even and flawless finish, the right concealer can feel like a magic wand that can remove discoloration and glide over uneven textures.

Great concealers come in countless textures, shapes and surfaces, from liquid to creamy to sticky and beyond. The key is to find the right formula and tone for each problem you want to hide. Here are all the makeup tips and tricks you need to know to make your concealer look flawless:

1. Start by choosing the right concealer.

The key is to find the right tone and color for the job. For the under-eye area, choose a color that is lighter than your natural skin tone. “It illuminates the under-eye area and hides dark circles,” says makeup artist Erica Whelan. For age spots, scars, and hyperpigmentation, “choose a concealer shade that matches your base color,” she says.

In terms of tone, our pros say that peach tones remove bluish circles and dark spots from sun or aging. Shades of red freckles mask green – followed by a concealer that exactly matches your skin tone for maximum camouflage. Yellow concealer helps improve uneven skin tone caused by redness or hyperpigmentation. For mature skin and puffiness under the eyes, choose a brightening formula that reflects light and makes skin glow, but be careful not to shine.

2. Apply skin care and foundation first.

Apply moisturizer, primer, and foundation before reaching for the concealer. Applying foundation first will blur the look of imperfections and you may not need to use a lot of concealer. If you don’t use foundation at all and just hide it, don’t forget to moisturize your skin first!

3. Hide dark circles and discoloration under the eyes.

If you want to lighten dark circles under your eyes, get a concealer with a radiant or glow formula, says Whelan. Our experts prefer liquid formulas for the thin skin around the eyes, as creams and thicker formulas can get stuck in fine lines and wrinkles.

Instead of shifting the color changes in a semicircle, draw an inverted triangle that accentuates the front of your face, creating a lifted illusion. For best results, “place concealer under the eyes and touch the product with your ring finger or a small bristled eyeshadow brush,” says Whelan.

4. Hide puffiness and bags under the eyes.

While makeup can’t change shape, it can create the illusion of diminishing any features you want to hide (or emphasize – consider contours). The liquid “is great when you need to light up an area,” says Joy Fennel, makeup artist and founder of The Joy in Beauty and All Black Everything Summit.

Using a shade 1-2 shades lighter than foundation, “add [this] highlighting to a cosmetic stick just above and below the most puffy areas under the eyes,” says Whelan. “By adding light to this area, it makes the area more visible and the swelling less noticeable.”

5. Covers Spots and Acne .

If you’re already dealing with acne with your skincare routine but want to hide any imperfections or redness, “choose a cream formula that’s heavier like a stick concealer,” advises Whelan, and use a “fine-pointed brush” to place the skin. Place the concealer exactly where you want it. Smooth the edges of the concealer gently with a brush, sponge, or fingertip to create a smooth blend with skin. “

6. Fade Dark Spots and Hyperpigmentation.

“Choose a heavier cream formula to cover sun/age spots,” says Whelan. “It should be thick enough to cover the darkness completely.” First, apply foundation to even out skin tone, then apply concealer to blemishes. to get maximum coverage,” Whelan said. If you want to reduce dryness, use a moisturizing formula instead of a matte one,” says Fennel.

7. Expertly Cover Up Scars and Freckles.

For little scars, Fennell says pastel or pencil formulas are great; just trace or fill the mark with smooth dots. For larger scars, “liquid won’t be a good choice because it moves around your face and the formula isn’t heavy enough to hide,” she says. Instead, apply concealer or cream concealer with a brush or your fingers for the best blend.

8. Stop Cakey Concealer In it’s Tracks.

Prevent concealer from sticking or settling in eye wrinkles by absorbing excess product after application. Divide the fabric into two layers and press one of the panels against the skin to remove any excess oil or product that is too thick.

9. Set With a Powder For Ultimate Lasting Power.

“If you have oily skin, don’t forget to apply powder [your concealer] to keep it from moving,” says Adas. Do this by “tapping a little dust in the area,” says Whelan. “This helps the concealer stay in place throughout the day.”


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