Peter Obi Says FG Is To Be Blamed For Security Breakdown In Anambra.


Anambra’s former governor, Peter Obi, blamed the federal government for breaches of state security.

He expressed dissatisfaction with recent statements by the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, AGF Abubakar Malami, ahead of the November 6 state election.

Malami said violence in the state could lead the federal government to declare a state of emergency just to ensure elections are held on the scheduled date.

This has been criticized by the Anambra government, which says that despite violence being observed in some northern states, elections were still being held.

In an interview with The Morning Show, Arise television program, seen on Monday, Obi said that the federal government should not talk about an emergency.

When making statements, people in government should always first assess and consider the consequences of their statements for the general welfare of the country, He said.

“People don’t know that the contributors to GDP growth are intangible assets, which is security, law and order, and even the behaviour and statement of the leaders.

“The statement of leaders can actually hurt the place. So leaders must always ensure that their words have always gone through scrutiny.

“That statement from the attorney general shouldn’t be. More so, he’s the attorney general of the federation, not of the federal government or APC.

“The Federal Government should not talk about a state of emergency. Failure of security in Anambra state is their failure because they are in charge of security. Unless they are saying, they’re going to declare a state of emergency on the country.”


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