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How to make sure that Artificial Intelligence isn’t invasive and creepy.

There's a frequent view in well-liked tradition of synthetic intelligence as magically {powerful} and, typically, malevolent. The basic instance is HAL 9000,...

Bees Actually Bite Plants to Make The Flower Blossom Early.

When pollen is scarce, bumblebees have their manner of extorting extra from vegetation. The bugs chunk into leaves with their mandibles and...

U.S. DEA is Lastly Permitting Firms to Develop Their Personal Cannabis...

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has simply ended what’s been described as a 52-year monopoly on rising cannabis for analysis functions.

Floating Dandelion Seeds Produce Vortex Not Seen By Scientists.

The extraordinary flying means of dandelion seeds is feasible because of a type of flight that has not been seen earlier than...